About Us


Meet the CEO  

Toiell Washington is an Activist and Co-founder of the community organization Black Boston Inc. She spent her early years doing violence prevention work at organizations in her city, where she grew a love for civic engagement. In the midst of a global pandemic and civil rights movement, the young CEO decided she wanted to expand her work beyond a local level. After recognizing the difficulties that come with having tough discussions around race, class, gender, etc.. she decided to create products that helped people start these conversations in a fun, non-traditional way.



"The master's tools will never dismantle the master's house" is a famous quote by American writer, Black feminist, and Civil rights activist Audre Lorde. The social theory suggest that because our differences were used as tools to divide us, we must use those differences to make us stronger. Washington always showed admiration for Lorde, and used her theory as inspiration to create her games.